Why Everyone Needs a Life Coach

A question that I encounter a lot is why would I want a life coach? I get this question countlessly in many different forms, or statements about how a coach is worthless or just a non-degreed want to be therapist. Today I want to tackle these misconceptions of need or undermining what a coach can do versus a therapist can do.

First I will discuss why everyone including you should invest in a life coach. That investment I mentioned is actually an investment in yourself, you are hiring an expert to assist you in meeting new goals or moving past a roadblock in your life that will make you the best possible version of yourself. This will effectively lead to a new found confidence which can lead to a better job, better life choices that improve your health saving you future costs in medical bills. The far-vision of hiring a coach is limitless.

Now think about this for a minute, when you want to begin to work out you get a trainer (coach) or go to classes to be coached or buy multiple DVD’s/Programs to be coached in the comfort of your home, when you want to learn any new skill (i.e. playing a musical instrument, sewing, cooking, martial arts, archery, or new education) you seek out teachers or someone with expertise (coaches). So why when you easily seek and pay for help in these areas of life wouldn’t you get help for the major events going on in life itself? Life is the defining moments that make you who you are, don’t you want to have the best of those moments and succeed in your trials? A coach is who will help you make these achievements, anything from securing a better career, obtaining that ever sought after life-balance, getting/fixing your relationships, increasing your wealth. These are the moments in life most want to excel in and few think to invest in.

Secondly let me tackle the coach being a want to be therapist or counselor. Many coaches (including myself) are either working towards a MA or PhD in Psychology and could be licensed therapist or counselor if so desired. However there are many regulations that restrict what a therapist or counselor may help you with; especially advice. If you have ever been to a session you will notice all a therapist will do is ask you questions, but never really actually help guide you a certain way. While like a therapist a good coach will never tell you what to do, but they can be more harshly honest about what might be a better choice and why. A life coach isn’t someone solely worried about the one aspect of your mental health, but a professional who wants to assist you as a whole person in every aspect, and by choosing the profession of life coaching versus counseling can do so.

So next time you find yourself in a rut or needing some advice think about employing a life coach for an hour or two to help you—see what the right coach can actually accomplish with you in your life!