Addictions & Attachments:How to Unblock Your Path

As we approach a new year many people become focused on improving themselves and their lives. While this is often done in the form of resolutions, these resolutions frequently and subconsciously are about fighting a certain addiction or attachment.

The most classic example of this would be diet, everyone loves to resolve to eat healthier and lose weight. At the core of this resolution is I want to eat less sweets therefore I will lose weight, and I should exercise more. One of the most addictive substances, even more so than cocaine, is refined sugar. I myself even struggle with an addiction here. This lack of knowledge means people do not even realize what they are actually fighting or the root cause of their problem, and they will ultimately fail. If you do not realize the root causing your problem you can not properly attack the issue. Think of it as a sinking boat, you can throw all the water coming in out, but until you plug the hole, the boat will continue to sink.

These holes in your boat until fixed properly will prevent you from traveling your full path to your goal destination. There are many different ways you can work on healing yourself from these or any addictions and attachments, today we will cover some of these methods and get you sailing on your way to a stronger, healthier you.

To successfully heal from any addiction or attachment you need to have two major realizations, addictions and attachments are either or both psychological and chemical responses in your brain related to that behavior or substance, and secondly that your general idea of what is the problem needs to be drilled down to the root problem (i.e. the water sinking the boat is not the problem, the hole in the hull is the problem–your weight is not the problem your addiction to sugary foods or lack of discipline is). Once you know what the true issue is, you can now go about fixing it.

Each person responds to stimuli internally and externally differently, but all can go about approaching these fixes the same way:

  1. Ask yourself what is your resolution/goal? Write this down and study it.
  2. Why is the goal big or has posed a problem for you in the past? i.e. why are you struggling with this addiction you wish to abandon in particular?
    1. Here is where you need to do some self study. Really drill down into your own destructive behaviors and ask yourself why have you struggled, have you set yourself up in situations to fail, and how strong is your discipline?
  3. Once you identify this origin of weakness you need to define a plan of action to fight it. For specific actions and items please feel free to message me and we can come up with a plan to help you.
  4. Define mini-subgoals that will allow you to track and see progress to your main goal.
  5. If you are a rewards person, define a healthy reward system for each mini-subgoal met.

While going through all of this especially at the beginning I highly suggest finding a support group, or place to seek sanctuary where you can regather your internal strength.

Once you have overcome, now you are going to be open to new challenges and a better path in your life. You will be able to define new career goals, health goals and see them easier achieved in better health and saner light.

As always feel free to contact me with any questions, I also have many sobriety coaches I work closely with, whom I can recommend if you need 24/7 assistance.

Live a Life in Balance 🙂

–The Relationship Accountant

4 thoughts on “Addictions & Attachments:How to Unblock Your Path”

    1. Michelle, yes it is. It took me years to find the right method for myself to be able to control not only my urges but my diet as a whole and to develop a healthy relationship with food.
      Make sure to avoid aspartame as it realses a chemical in your body that triggers sugar cravings.

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