Welcome to the Relationship Accountant!

We provide a variety of services focusing on relationships and finances to individuals!

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Do you find yourself in an uninspired rut in life? Are you making good money, but still some how broke or living on a check to check basis?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are on the right website my friend. I was constantly wondering why is my life not advancing they way it should be, watching all my friends move forward in good jobs and good relationships. What was I doing wrong? Well as it turned out a multitude of things. It was a rocky road and took over a decade to learn how to navigate my way to the life that everyone, including you deserve!

After my struggles ended I began to realize many people seem to be having the exact same problems! Well I do not want to watch you or anyone else take as long as I did to live a life of abundance and love! So welcome to my site!!! I am here to assist and help you reach your goals ranging from getting a good job, starting a new career, learning how to talk to girls or guys, re-sparking the romance in your current relationship, and anything else you could imagine! Sometimes people just need that extra set of eyes, someone neutral to push them, an adviser with an expertise they do not posses, or a moment of inspiration and I am here to light that spark!

So read the articles to your content, check out my e-books, e-mail any questions, and let’s get you living the life you only dreamed of as your reality!!!

Cathy took me from being broke and constantly overdrawn to where I can now lend my family and friends money when they need it! No matter the size of your paycheck she can tailor the budget for you!

debtor to lender

I was no where in life as a closeted transgender. I came across cathy┬áin an app and just wanted someone to know who I really was before planning to kill myself. Not only did she talk me down, but I am now halfway through my transformation, in a healthy relationship, and at a job where I’m accepted and love. She is a continuous ally and supporter for me when needed.

from suicide to flourishing